Get Ready to Rise.
Whatever your goals when you arrive at Panera,
hard work and teamwork can get you there and beyond.
I started as a part-time associate and recently became the GM. This cafe has some amazing people and being yourself isn't hard. Everyone has come to the point where we see each other as family rather than just co-workers.
Jose M., General Manager
I started out as a line associate making sandwiches and now I am an Assistant Manager specializing in training and scheduling. Throughout my entire career at Panera I have been surrounded by strong and fearless women in leadership roles. These women have constantly encouraged me to learn new things and keep moving up with Panera.
Emily P., Assistant Manager

We are Panera

Warmth, Belonging, Growth, and Trust are the anchors of the Panera experience. Here, you work in a place where you feel welcome, you know you belong, and your true self can shine through. It’s a place where you can trust your leaders and your team. And, best of all, it’s a place where you’ve got every opportunity to become your best.
We are Panera

In the Community

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